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Hispanic group predicts Latinos will be a force in 2016 election

PHOENIX — It could be interesting to see what happens when Hispanics go to the polls to vote next year.

A leader in the Hispanic community said Latinos are getting ready for 2016.

“Latinos are registering to vote in high numbers,” said Raquel Teran, regional director for Mi Familia Vota.

“We have half a million Latinos that are registered to vote in the state of Arizona.”

She said that her group is working hard to increase that number.

“We canvass, we go out and register Latinos to vote,” Teran said.

And she said that Hispanics are paying attention.

“Latinos are watching how the debate on immigration and many other issues unfold,” Teran said.

She thinks they will be a force at the ballot box on election day 2016.