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Protesters demand Ducey pull Arizona out of DACA lawsuit

PHOENIX — Dozens of pro-immigrant supporters clapped and prayed as they showed up outside of Governor Doug Ducey’s office at the State Capitol on Friday.

They are demanding that Ducey pull the state out of a lawsuit in which 26 states are trying to block President Obama’s plan that would allow illegal immigrants to work in the country legally.

State Senator Martin Quesada was among the supporters. He said that the President’s plan would help millions of immigrants, but Ducey is standing in the way.

“Instead of doing the right thing for these families, Governor Doug Ducey is taking the political route and trying to advance an extremist agenda by being a part of this lawsuit,” Quesada said.

Quesada added that it’s time for a change in Arizona.

“The Governor has an opportunity to take us into the next decade, and start a new tomorrow for the state of Arizona, rather than keeping us the Arizona that continues to be on the front page of headlines and talk shows on TV,” said Quesada.

The protesters were turned away without seeing the Governor.