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New digital billboards urge drivers to ‘Pull Aside, Stay Alive’

The monsoon season brings heavy rain and blowing dust to the Valley.

That’s why the Arizona Department of Transportation is partnering up with OUFRONT Media to put digital billboards along busy freeways to promote safe driving during storms.

“We are trying to tell drivers to pull off the roadway if your visibility is reduced. You need to turn off those lights and take your foot off the brake pedal,” ADOT spokesman Dustin Krugel said.

So far, 14 digital billboards stating, “Don’t Drive Into A Dust Storm,” have been posted along two of the busiest freeways in the Phoenix metro area including Interstate 10 and Interstate 17. The LED displays are 14 by 48 feet and include a web link to ADOT’s “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” public awareness campaign website.

Krugel has some advice for drivers this monsoon season.

“Plan ahead for possible blowing dust and limited visibility along the highway. It’s always better to alter your travel plans rather than attempt to drive into a dust storm,” Krugel said. “It’s just a risk you don’t have to take.”

The Pull Aside, Stay Alive campaign started in 2012. The campaign is a collaboration between the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the National Weather Service.