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Gay marriage, Obamacare and more: Why the Supreme Court decided as it did

Gay marriage, Obamacare, death penalty/botched executions. The Supreme Court dealt with all of these this week. Yet, legal expert Paul Bender suggested that none of these might be the most important decision handed down by the court at the end of this term. (You will have to listen in to learn which case he suggested may be more important than these).

Paul Bender is a former Supreme Court Law Clerk, a Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States, long-time law professor at Penn and former Dean of the ASU law school. When he weighs in on what the Supreme Court did and why, you are getting the views of someone who has been there and observed the workings of the Court close up.

And he is our sole guest in this week’s Think Tank.
Think you understand why the Court acted as it did in this term? Tune in, and you may find that some of your presumptions are wrong. Or, at the very least, you will have a deeper understanding of why you are right.

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