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Which Arizona hometowns rank highest based on likelihood of marriage?

An interactive map by the New York Times shows if where you grew up will increase or decrease your likelihood to be married by the age of 26. The map can be seen here.

The map, divided by counties, shows that Arizona has no county with a less likely effect on marriage by the age of 26.

According to the map, the county with the most effect in Arizona is Graham County. If a child grew up in Graham County they are 11% more likely to be married by the age of 26.

There are three counties with zero effect in Arizona. Those are Pinal County, Pima county, and Santa Cruz county.

Utah led all states with a 14.6% more likely outcome. Arizona came in twentieth place with a 2.4% more likely outcome.

The map was based on an Upshot analysis of data compiled by a team of Harvard economists studying upward mobility, housing and tax policy.