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Man completes bucket list item by doing dance routine in 100 places

Who doesn’t love to dance?

If Matt Bray of Naperville, Illinois didn’t before, he must now: He did the same dance routine in 100 different places, including Millennium Park in Chicago and a men’s restroom.

“100 Places of Dance,” a sequel to Bray’s 2014 hit “100 Days of Dance,” has been viewed nearly 2 million times since it was uploaded.

The project was a part of the ProjectOneLife YouTube channel, which documents Bray’s journey as he completes his personal bucket list.

“The name ProjectOneLife comes from the old saying ‘You only live once,’ and my mission is to try and make my one life great,” Bray said in his YouTube description.

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Bray said his goal is to get others to follow his lead with their own bucket lists.

“My goal is to encourage others to create their own bucket lists and hopefully motivate them to accomplish their list items,” he said in his YouTube description.