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Tucson, Arizona ranked worst city in nation to find a job this summer

PHOENIX — On the hunt for a new job this summer? Submitting your application in Tucson, Arizona might not be the best idea.

Forbes reports that Tucson is ranked the worst city in the nation to find a job this summer.

The rankings, done by employment services firm ManpowerGroup, surveyed over 11,000 employers to find out whether they want to hire, fire or keep staff levels steady this quarter. It turns out Tucson is at the bottom of the barrel with a 6 percent net employee outlook — the difference between employers adding and subtracting jobs.

Augusta, Georgia; Youngstown, Ohio; Tulsa, Oklahoma and Bakersfield, California rounded out the bottom five.

Rochester, New York; Nashville, Tennessee; Provo, Utah; San Jose, California and Columbia, South Carolina were the top five cities, respectively.