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Women’s rights miniskirt protest fizzles in Tunisia

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Only a handful of women have answered a call by a Tunisian rights’ group to protest the repression of women in the Muslim world by demonstrating in miniskirts.

About a dozen mini-skirted women took part Saturday afternoon in the protest organized by Tunisia’s League for the Defense of Secularism and Freedom.

Lilia Kammoun, a teacher at the protest, said Tunisia is regressing. She said “it’s sad that we’re moving backward. My mother used to wear a miniskirt. I used to wear a miniskirt. And today, my daughter is hesitating to wear one. That’s unfortunate.”

Counter-demonstrators waved signs with slogans like “This is shameful, you’re thinking with your sexual organs.”

Protest organizers blamed the low turnout on women’s fears of their families and of Islamic extremists.

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