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1,500 rally in Moscow to back pressured science foundation

People gather at a rally against existing science and education policies in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, June 6, 2015. Demonstrators, holding a posters and textbooks, rallied in support of the Dynasty Foundation which develops fundamental science and education in Russian, and which has been added to the list of Russian organizations considered foreign agents.

MOSCOW (AP) — About 1,500 people have taken part in a Moscow rally to protest what they say is insufficient funding for science and against pressure on a foundation that gives grants to science projects.

The peaceful rally Saturday came two weeks after Russian authorities placed the Dynasty Foundation on its list of foreign agents. Under a widely criticized law, a non-governmental organization that receives funding and is deemed to be involved in political activity must register as a foreign agent.

The law doesn’t prevent such organizations from working, but many see the requirement as oppressive because the term “foreign agent” is often seen as pejorative.

Dynasty head Dmitry Zimin, whose fortune funds the foundation, has been quoted as saying he will close the foundation because it was placed on the list.

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