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Police: Georgia man killed self during shootout with deputy

ATLANTA (AP) — A Georgia man who fatally shot two people inside a liquor store and wounded his parents killed himself during an exchange of gunfire with a sheriff’s deputy, investigators said Friday.

An autopsy on the body of 36-year-old Jeffrey Pitts shows he died by “contact range gunshot wound of head,” according to a Georgia Bureau of Investigation news release.

Pitts went to the liquor store in Conyers, about 25 miles southeast of Atlanta, on Sunday afternoon, and he and a clerk may have had an argument over an unpaid bill, Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett told reporters Monday.

The clerk kept Pitts’ identification and Pitts got a gun from his car and demanded it back before leaving the store, Levett said. Pitts returned to the store a few hours later with an assault rifle and shot the clerk and a customer, Levett said.

Pitts fled when another customer in the store returned fire, Levett said.

Pitts returned home and shot his parents, and then exchanged gunfire with a deputy who responded to a 911 call of a person shot, investigators said.

Dash camera video released Friday includes that shootout. It’s difficult to see what’s happening because the car with the camera is parked at the edge of the home’s front lawn a distance from the driveway and garage, where the action is happening.

Someone on the video shouts, “Show me your hands!” That’s followed by multiple gunshots and someone running into the home’s garage.

Someone yells “Get on the ground! Get on the ground now!” before a single shot is fired. Then another command of “Get on the ground now!” is heard followed by another burst of multiple gunshots.

Then, a man’s voice is heard saying, “That’s my son. He shot me.”

“He shot my wife,” the man says.

Law enforcement officers can be heard shouting instructions and information to each other before another burst of gunfire.

As more law enforcement officers can be seen approaching the garage from the driveway, someone yells, “Don’t go any further, he might pull out a gun.”

Then more shouts of “Stop moving!” followed by another round of gunfire.

Law enforcement officers can be heard saying the suspect is on the ground, with his back to them, that he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest and he appears to be on top of his gun.

From the time a deputy is first heard shouting to the point where the video cuts off is nearly four minutes.

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