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Phoenix Business Journal reveals top 5 chambers of commerce in Arizona

Chambers of commerce are organizations — usually nonprofit ones — that work on behalf of businesses within a community, such lobbying on their behalf on public policy issues and bringing them together for meet-and-greet events.

Several chambers in Arizona have deep roots in their respective communities, as many date back to the first few decades of the 1900s or even earlier. Some chambers have later sprouted up that cater to a specific demographic, such as the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce or the Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

The Phoenix Business Journal recently revealed the top five chambers of commerce in The Grand Canyon State, and the top organization was of little surprise, as it encompasses the most populous area of the state.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce has been running since 1888, and the Phoenix Business Journal said it has been No. 1 on the chamber list for more than two decades. The Greater Phoenix Chamber is the only one of its kind to boast a reported total of more than 2,000 member businesses.

Take a look at the other Arizona chambers to make the list, as ranked by the number of businesses they count as members:

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