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What is the most popular television series in Arizona?

PHOENIX — Ever wonder what the most popular television series in Arizona is?

According to, the most popular TV series in the Valley is “Medium.”

The CBS drama series starring Patricia Arquette ended in 2011, but the website determined it had not exhausted its run here in the Valley.

“Medium” followed Allison DuBois, a medium played by Patricia Arquette, while she was employed as a consultant for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney’s office.

The show was initially based on the experiences of real-life medium Allison DuBois, who said she has worked with law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations.

Some other states’ most popular television series were more obvious, such as “Breaking Bad” in New Mexico and “The Office” in Pennsylvania.

The list was determined after evaluating the longevity, audience and critical acclaim of various television series, using information from IMDB and Metacritic, awards and the impact on American culture and television, according to the website.

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