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Latest on Dennis Hastert: Statue to honor ex-speaker on hold

FILE - In this Aug. 17, 2007, file photo, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., announces that he will not seek re-election for a 12th term in Yorkville, Ill. Federal prosecutors have indicted Thursday, May 28, 2015, the former U.S. House Speaker on bank-related charges. (AP Photo/Brian Kersey, File)

12:20 p.m. (CDT)

Plans to honor former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert with a $500,000 statue at the Illinois Capitol were put on hold earlier this month after he asked that they be shelved because of the state’s budget crisis.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan filed legislation on May 5 to set aside the money to honor Hastert, a former Republican Illinois congressman.

But Madigan spokesman Steve Brown says Hastert called about a month ago “and said he appreciated the recognition and honor, but asked us to defer given the state’s financial condition.”

The legislation filed by Madigan, a Democrat, hasn’t seen movement since May 14.

Hastert was indicted on federal charges Thursday that accuse him of violating banking laws.


11 a.m. (CDT)

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois says anyone who knows former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert is “shocked and confused” by news of his indictment.

The Republican says it’s a “troubling development” and more details are needed.

Hastert, a former Republican Illinois congressman, is accused of violating banking laws as he withdrew money after agreeing to pay someone $3.5 million to pay someone to keep quiet about “past misconduct.”

Kirk released a statement released Friday morning, saying Hastert should be given his day in court considering the serious accusations. Kirk says his thoughts are with Hastert’s family.


10:30 a.m. (CDT)

The U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago says former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has not been arrested following charges linked to allegations he agreed to $3.5 million in hush money.

Prosecutors’ spokesman Kim Nerheim says an initial court date will be set soon by a federal judge. A new court docket names U.S. District Thomas M. Durkin as the presiding judge in the Illinois Republican’s case.

Nerheim says defendants are typically not arrested “unless they are considered a flight risk.” She declined to comment on details of Hastert’s case.

Thursday’s indictment charges the 73-year-old with breaking banking laws as he withdrew money to pay someone to keep quiet about “past misconduct.” He’s also charged with lying to the FBI.

The indictment doesn’t detail the alleged misconduct by Hastert.


10:25 a.m. (CDT)

Officials with the northern Illinois school district where former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert worked from 1965 to 1981 say no one has contacted the district to report any misconduct involving him.

In a statement released Friday, officials with Yorkville Community Unit School District #151 say they were made aware of the indictment when it was released publicly on Thursday and they have no knowledge of any alleged misconduct.

District officials say they’ll cooperate in any investigation if asked by the U.S. Attorney’s office.

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