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Graphic shows Arizona’s GDP similar to Hong Kong’s

If Arizona were a country, its gross domestic product would be similar to that of Hong Kong, China.

As reported, Business Insider a map that was put together by the American Enterprise Institute’s Mike Perry ties the gross domestic product of each state to the GDP of other nations and larger regions.

It is the latest example of how massive the United States’ $16.7 trillion economy is on a global scale.

The 2013 data showed Hong Kong’s GDP of $274 billion was just $13 billion more than Arizona’s $261 billion, according to figures from the Arizona Commerce Authority.

To put it in a global perspective, if California were its own country in 2013, it would have been the 10th-biggest economy in the world, close behind Russia, whose GDP was $2.096 trillion that year.

According to a recent report by Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona’s 2015 gross domestic product is projected to increase by 3.5 percent from the year before, which would mark the state’s highest single-year growth rate since 2011.