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Tempe cop suspended for taking cell phones during investigation

PHOENIX — A Phoenix-area police officer was suspended for a short time and reassigned after a video of her taking two cell phones from an uncooperative man was posted online.

Officer Lara Camberg received 10 hours of unpaid suspension and was reassigned from bike to regular patrol for her role in the Feb. 13 citation of Anderson Jean-Louis.

Police said Jean-Louis was playing music excessively loud while driving down Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe. Officers twice asked him to lower his music before pulling him over.

Officers asked Jean-Louis to sit on the curb for their safety. He pulled out a phone to record the video above.

In the video, Jean-Louis said police are “a problem” for him and have no reason to touch him. As he pans to Camberg, she appears to take the phone out of his hands.

Both the video’s description and the police report said Jean-Louis pulled out a second phone to record the encounter before that, too, was taken from him and he was placed in handcuffs.

Both officers alleged Jean-Louis accused them of being racist. He accused them in the video’s description as well.