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Retired Arizona major featured on new Vietnam War stamp

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Arizona residents going out to purchase the new Medal Of Honor: Vietnam War stamp might spot a familiar face: retired U.S. Army Major Frederick Ferguson.

The four-page prestige folio features the photographs of 48 living recipients of the Medal of Honor from the Vietnam War. Ferguson is the only Arizona resident to be featured.

The Chandler, Arizona, resident fought in the Vietnam War and received the prestigious medal after he helped fly five of his comrades to safety.

“I had a co-pilot, a crew chief, a gunner and three gun ships with four crew members each,” he said. “So, it was the crews of the first calvary of helicopters.”

Ferguson spent a total of 37 years serving his country in both the Army and the Navy. In 1969, he received the Medal of Honor from President Richard Nixon.

“I felt nervous, standing on the south lawn of White House,” he said, describing the moment as he waited to receive the Medal of Honor.