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Put me in, Coach: Father, daughter put unique spin on traditional wedding dance

When it came time for the father-daughter dance at a woman’s wedding reception, the bride and her dad recently put their own twist on the wedding staple.

The duo starts out slow dancing to a Louis Armstrong classic, but the father stops her short.

Instead of continuing the dance, the father has two gloves and a ball brought out to the stage so they can play catch, and the song changes to something more conducive to playing baseball — John Fogerty’s “Centerfield.”

YouTube user Jim Mickunas said his daughter grew up playing sports and hated wearing dresses, so he decided to customize the time set aside for the two of them for her wedding.

Mickunas added the bride had no idea he planned the game of catch for their dance.

After tossing the ball back and forth for about a minute, the father hands the torch — or, rather, the glove — off to the groom, thereby completing the cycle.