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Man hit by Portuguese policeman alleges aggravated assault

In this May 17 2015 photo, a young boy runs away as a riot policeman restrains his father outside of a stadium, in Guimaraes, Portugal, Sunday, May 17, 2015. At right, the man's older son and father are led away by other policemen. Portuguese prosecutors are investigating a policeman who beat a man in front of his young children and punched their grandfather outside a soccer stadium, sparking a national scandal. Police approached Jose Magalhaes, his two sons and his father Sunday outside Guimaraes stadium, where Benfica had just won the Portuguese league title, according to film footage and witness reports. (AP Photo/Delfim Machado)

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — A Portuguese soccer fan who was beaten by a police officer in front of his two young sons outside a stadium has filed a complaint accusing the officer of aggravated physical assault, his lawyer said Friday.

The man’s 66-year-old father, who was also punched by the officer, has filed a similar complaint, lawyer Sonia Carneiro told the AP.

The two alleged offenses carry a combined maximum sentence of eight years in prison. Carneiro said she filed the complaints Thursday at the public prosecutor’s office in Guimaraes, in northern Portugal, where the incident occurred.

Live video of the officer beating Jose Magalhaes with a truncheon outside a Guimaraes soccer stadium Sunday provoked a storm of outrage in Portugal.

Magalhaes’s sons, aged 9 and 13, were present at the incident but were not hurt. The youngest boy screamed “Dad! Dad!” as the officer struck his father.

The police, the public prosecutor and the government have all opened investigations into the officer’s conduct. Authorities have not disclosed his identity.

The complaint alleges the beating of Magalhaes was aggravated because the policeman used a steel truncheon, and used repeated, excessive and unnecessary force, Carneiro said.

The complaint by Magalhaes’s father alleges the assault on him was aggravated because of his age and physical frailty, she said.

Eight witnesses are willing to testify on behalf of the two men.

There is no time frame for a ruling by the public prosecutor, Carneiro said.

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