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Google teaches Phoenix business owners how to establish website

PHOENIX — Thanks to Google’s new “Let’s Put Our Cities On the Map” initiative, many small businesses in Arizona could get the opportunity to thrive.

Hundreds of small business owners gathered at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix on Wednesday to gain some knowledge on starting a website for their business.

Google Spokeswoman Angle Welling said most small businesses, both nationwide and in Arizona, do not have an established website.

“Nationally, 55 percent of businesses don’t have a web presence, even today,” she said. “In Arizona, 56 percent of small businesses don’t have a web presence.”

Welling said small business owners think that a website will cost them too much time and money.

“You can have an online presence without investing too much, as long as you have the tips and the tricks that will get you there,” she said.

Arizona Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema said teaching small business owners how to set up a website will help the state of Arizona.

“Over 90 percent of Arizona’s economy is driven by small businesses,” she said. “So when these guys grow, our state benefits.”

Google’s new initiative has put over 30,000 small Arizona businesses on the map, according to its website.

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