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Fewer DUI arrests made over Memorial Day weekend in Arizona

PHOENIX — There were fewer people around the state busted for DUIs over the Memorial Day weekend this year compared to last.

Last year, there were 509 DUI arrests, and this past weekend there were 424 arrests. Reminders on the freeway and billboards may be having an effect.

“I think people are getting the message,” Alberto Gutier of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said. “It’s so easy to call a taxi or friend to take you home.”

Officers also arrested fewer people for extreme DUIs and fewer underage drivers who had been drinking. In 2014, there were 146 DUI extreme arrests, down to 139 arrests this Memorial Day weekend.

Last year, 38 underage arrests were made. This year, it’s down to 29.

“We had 75 agencies participating and 13 DUI task forces,” added Gutier. “Those officers are the ones that deserve congratulations.”

In total, officers stopped 13,708 people this Memorial Day.