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Gray hair goes green: Sun City marijuana clinic sees line out door

PHOENIX — A medical marijuana dispensary in Sun City is becoming a popular fixture in the retirement community.

White Mountain Health Center President Butch Williams said he is thankful he made a risky business decision to open up the dispensary when many others had shied away from the opportunity.

“A lot of people kind of turned away from the Sun City community thinking that this was a more conservative, more religious right-wing kind of place,” Williams said.

The deciding factor to open the dispensary was when the medical marijuana advocate witnessed the health ailments many Sun City residents face.

The shop has been open for several months and Williams said he has a line out the door of patients ranging from 60 to 90 very morning at 7 a.m.

“They have so many painful ailments and they are on so many narcotics that we are getting them off of the narcotics that they are on,” he said.

“Then they are actually able to go out and enjoy these later years of their life here in Sun City like they had planned to.”

During White Mountain Health Center’s last inspection by the Arizona Department of Health, Williams said he was told Sun City has one of the highest clusters of medical marijuana card holders in Arizona.