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Rombertik destroys data

Virus alerts are so common, that often times they go unnoticed or get ignored.

Well the alert I’m giving you today should not be ignored or your computer itself could become a victim.

Security researchers at Cisco recently discovered new malicious code that can jump into computer via phishing scams and attempts to steal all the saved passwords in your browser.

The twist with the Rombertik virus is that if it detects an attempt by security software to analyse it, it goes into destruction mode.

The primary attack is on your hard drive’s Master Boot Record, which if successful, would render your computer useless.

If the primary attack is unsuccessful, it will attempt to encrypt all the files on the computer, which would also render it useless.

The current phishing scam appears to be from the Windows Corporation with an attachment masquerading as a PDF file.

This type of attack is likely to grow, so make sure you have a solid security program and an off-site backup system to protect yourself.