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Trekkies: Ever want the chance to live in your own Voyager?

Calling all “Star Trek” fans!

For those who have always dreamt of having their own Voyager, you’re in luck. A studio flat complete with all the aspects of a real-life Star Trek Voyager has been placed on the market in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

“Step in to the Voyager and let your imagination do the rest,” the description on said.

The property, which has been custom-made by a real Star Trek fanatic, according to the website, is located in a small apartment complex at 29 Granville Gardens.

“You will find all of the smallest details from the movie franchise,” the website said. “You will have your own Transporter with the main commands control at the heart of this wonderful living space.”

How much will your personal Voyager cost? £70,000, or about $108,563.