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Adorable, drone-like flying Lily Camera to reach homes in 2016

Do you want a personal videographer without the hassle of an actual person? Well, you’re in luck — the Lily Camera is for you!

Lily, an adorably cute, drone-like flying camera, was the brainchild of Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow, two of the co-founders of Lily Robotics.

Lily acts like an unattached GoPro, following its subject’s every move, thanks to a built-in GPS and computer vision. The flying camera keeps track of its subject with a tracking device that is meant to stay on their person.

The tracking device will allow the subject to control where Lily will fly, what it will capture and, as a result, the amount of Instagram likes you will get on your video.

How much does it cost to purchase your own, personal videographer? Lily is currently on pre-sale until June 15 for $499 and will progressively rise up to the retail price of $999 afterward. They are expected to begin shipping in February 2016, according to the website.