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Son surprises parents with extravagant 50th wedding anniversary vacation

Every child dreams of giving back to their parents for years full of love and sacrifices, but one man decided to give his the trip of a lifetime.

Nick Raymond decided to surprise his parents with the trip of their dreams to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary — a two-week, all-paid vacation to Hawaii.

“Through the last few months, I was able to find out that Hawaii is the one place they’d really like to go for a vacation,” Raymond said.

Raymond said his mother, Rosemary, stated they would not be able to visit Hawaii as it was too expensive and bills took financial priority.

“This really hurt to hear, as my mother did the best she could her entire life to provide for my sister and I and give me the opportunities in life that I wanted,” he said.

The trip included activities on each island, including a visit to Pearl Harbor.

Rosemary and her husband, Leo, can be seen in complete shock on video when their son told them the news.

“Even though I feel I owe them both so much more, I felt this was a good way of saying thank you,” Raymond said.