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Atlanta-area school director makes racially-charged statement during graduation ceremony

Race relations and social issues at large have been a hot button issue for the past year, as incidents involving police and citizens in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, and Baltimore have created a media firestorm that has brought the question of racism in America to the forefront of our national conscience.

Adding to this ongoing discussion is the video above of a school director at a small Atlanta-area private school. After accidentally dismissing members of the audience from TNT Academy’s graduation ceremony early, school director Nancy Gordeuk urged attendees to return to their seats. When the audience did not comply, Gordeuk became upset and said into the microphone, “Look at who’s leaving, all the black people!”

Though Gordeuk emailed an apology to parents of the school’s students, it’s remains to be seen whether the racially-charged comment will cost the school’s director her job.