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Cue music: ‘Twilight Zone’ Day creeps up on nation

When strange, inexplicable things happen, people often call it a “Twilight Zone” moment, a reference to one of the creepiest, most captivating TV shows of all time.

Decades (decades!) after cancellation, creator Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone,” which ran from 1959-1964, continues to be a pop culture thread running through the generations.

The biggest Twilight Zone moment could very well be May 11, national Twilight Zone Day, when that which is eerie and cosmic is celebrated.

After quite a bit of research, there doesn’t seem to a reason the date was chosen.

Who cares? It gives us a chance to remember some of the most talked-about episodes of the show. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Now the show’s theme song is stuck in your head. Serling is smiling.