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14-year-old wins geography bee after successful challenge

Karan Menon of New Jersey, right, is greeted on stage by his parents Rakesh, left, and Manisha, center, after he won the National Geographic Bee, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at the National Geographic Society in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fourteen-year-old Karan Menon (KAH-run MEN-uhn) used a perfect championship round and a well-timed challenge to a question he was initially told he got wrong to win the National Geographic Bee.

Taking deep breaths and meditating to relax, Karan showed impressive recall of maps of the United States and the world to become the 27th champion of the bee Wednesday.

He would have been eliminated in fourth place if he hadn’t raised his hand and argued that he’d actually gotten a question right. The question: “The Mesabi Range contains a large deposit of what metal-bearing mineral?” The answer was iron ore. Karan answered “Taconite,” a form of iron ore. After conferring for about five minutes, the judges gave him credit for the right answer.

Karan is from Edison, New Jersey.

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