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One of Arizona’s greatest war heroes turns 98

Retired Master Sgt. Charlie Trask is one of the few remaining survivors from World War II. He defended the United States in three of the largest wars in military history.

“I’m glad to be an American, and America is the best country,” Trask said. “I served 23 years in the Air Force.”

Trask also served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. He celebrated his 98th birthday this week with his family and friends.

“I feel pretty good for an old guy,” he said.

Trask’s grandson, Capt. Darrell Wiseman with the Phoenix Fire Department, is proud of his grandfather’s legacy.

“He has told some phenomenal stories over the years, from his first car being a Model T and being honored with the Bronze Star,” Wiseman said.

Trask was awarded the Bronze Star in 1968, and recently he was recognized by the National Guard 91st Civil Support Team.

“To hear his stories is a gift,” Wiseman added.