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McCain: Proposed military budget good for Arizona

PHOENIX — Senator John McCain is weighing in on the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for the 2016 fiscal year.

According to McCain, it calls for nearly $150 million to be used for armed forces construction projects in Arizona to bolster the state’s military bases.

“Building much needed new facilities and that’s just a few of the areas that will be important to the state of Arizona,” said McCain.

The NDAA has several provisions that ensure Arizona businesses can continue manufacturing weapons and defense technologies.

“(Which) we believe will be effective in reigning in these cost overruns which have plagued literally all of our weapons systems that have been developed in the last few years,” he said.

The Senator said the NDAA also ensures Arizona will continue to play a large role in protecting and defending the nation. He said Congress has worked hard on the act and hopes President Obama does not veto it.

“He (Obama) has threatened to do so but to deprive the men and women of the military of what they need to defend this nation in these very difficult times is quite a challenge,” he said.