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Grammy Award winning musician takes 50 fans to the Grand Canyon to promote new album

Electronic dance music and the Grand Canyon. It may not exactly be peas and carrots, but for Grammy Award winning EDM musician Zedd, the marriage of the two vastly different things made perfect sense.

“I wanted it to be the most epic event, and the Grand Canyon is the most epic event,” said Zedd to MTV News. “It’s the most epic event we could think of.”

The 25-year-old musician is promoting his new album True Colors, which is scheduled for release May 18. To commemorate the upcoming album, Zedd flew 50 fans from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon to preview the fifth track on his new album, “Done With Love,” against the canyon’s picturesque backdrop.

According to, the promo at the Grand Canyon falls in line with other unique events Zedd has held recently at locations such as The Stanley Hotel in Denver (the inspiration behind the 1980 film The Shining), Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.

Fans who have previously been a part of the Zedd’s promotional events have often had to complete a scavenger hunt before being transported to an undisclosed location where they ultimately get to meet Zedd.

“What was great for me to do was talk to my fans one on one,” Zedd told MTV News. “I never get to do that. When you only have 50 people, you really get a chance to talk to them and find out who they are.

“I make the music for me and for my fans. It’s not really made for someone who listens to the song once and writes a review. My fans know my music best and they’re the best people to listen to it first.”