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Waring says Republican candidate Anna Brennan is getting set for mayoral run

Phoenix voters will go to the polls in August to decide who will be the city’s mayor.

Democratic incumbent Greg Stanton wants to keep his job. City Councilman Jim Waring says Stanton may finally have a Republican opponent.

“There is a candidate from last time (she ran unsuccessfully for Mayor in 2011), Anna Brennan, who is out there gathering signatures,” Waring said. “She has signature gatherers at the library that I frequent.”

Brennan was unavailable for comment on this story. The 55-year-old married mother of four has a campaign website, which says she was born in Italy and became an American citizen in 1992. She moved to Phoenix in 1994. The website says that she has been a successful business owner, is a licensed pilot and a member of the National Charity League.

Waring said that it may be too late for Brennan to get into the race, but that she still has a chance.

“I would refer people to the movie ‘The Running Man’ from 1987,” said Waring. “For people to go look at that movie and pick out the two guys from that movie who have become Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jessie Ventura. Nothing is impossible.”

Waring says that, while he disagrees with Stanton on many issues, he and the Mayor have a good working relationship.

Meanwhile, Stanton isn’t taking anything for granted. “I don’t know who my opponent’s going to be, or if I’m going to have an opponent,” he said. “But I want to make sure that I touch as many people as possible and tell them why I deserve their votes.”