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Ohio high school receives ‘cease and desist’ letter from the University of Arizona

Jonathan Alder High School in Plain City, Ohio will be forced to change its school’s logo after the University of Arizona recently sent the school a “cease and desist” letter citing that high school’s logo is nearly identical to that of the university’s.

According to an ABC News 6 report, the block A logo worn by Alder’s athletic teams has been in use for years despite its striking resemblance to the block A employed by the University of Arizona.

“It’s known to us as the Alder A,” said Linda Peters to ABC News 6, who prints shirts with the logo on it at Main Street Treasures in Plain City. “It’s not really the Arizona A. It’s just always been the Alder A.”

“(Arizona is) 2,000 miles away,” said Kerri Ferguson, who also works at Main Street Treasures. “What do they care for a little farm community and a very small school?”

The school district’s superintendent says Alder High School won’t be required to destroy uniforms featuring the block A logo, but that the logo will eventually be phased out.

“People will be sorry to see it go,” Peters said. “There’s a lot of sentiment out there that will definitely be upset about that and I know we definitely have a lot to sell that has the block A on it.”