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Insurance savings are open to all licensed drivers

PHOENIX — Teens are not the only ones who could benefit from taking a driving course. Grandmas and grandpas are eligible too.

“We’ll take anyone who comes in the door,” said Jerry Hartley, AARP Smart Driver instructor. “The motivation for most people to take the course is to get an insurance discount.”

The AARP Smart Driver debuted in 2014 and is based on extensive research at Eastern Virginia Medical School and input from volunteers and experts on aging. It covers rules and current changes that have taken place to the law in driving.

“This is a refresher using four hours of classroom and does not fulfill obligations for court directed traffic ticket violations,” said Hartley.

According to AARP, over 35 percent of licensed drivers in Arizona are over the age of 55. Although the program is geared to those 50 and over, it’s open to all licensed drivers. The cost is $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members. There is also an online course.

The Smart Driver course can be found on