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SUV carrying 8 rolls into Arizona’s Lake Pleasant

PHOENIX — A Mother’s Day visit to Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona, turned dangerous for a family of eight.

They were in an area with rough terrain known as Castle Creek Cliffs when they ran into vehicle trouble.

“It is my understanding on one of the turns and curves the vehicle was going up, it lost its footing and started to roll back and went into the lake,” said Deputy Joaquin Enriquez of the Maricopa County Shreriff’s Office.

Enriquez said all eight people, including five children, were inside the Chevrolet Suburban when it rolled back.

No one needed medical services, the deputy said.

“This could’ve been a very tragic situation, but everybody was able to get out of the vehicle before it completely submerged,” he said.

Enriquez said the SUV sank about 15 feet, and that the MCSO called a tow truck in hopes of getting the vehicle out.