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Mesa to be involved in FAA study of possible flight plan changes

PHOENIX — The city of Mesa will be involved in a Federal Aviation Administration study on the effects recent flight path changes have on communities.

Mayor John Giles said the study is a case of “better late than never.”

“The FAA is listening (to) some citizen input from people are impacted by the changes, so it’s important that people step up and let us know how they feel so we can communicate that to the FAA,” he said.

The FAA is taking input from stakeholders — including Mesa-Gateway Airport and Falcon Field — until May 15. Giles said residents should call or email his office with opinions on the changes.

“This is a great example of the government putting the cart in front of the horse I’m afraid,” he said. “They went ahead and implemented the change … where you have different flight paths for sure, but also more concentrated flights.”

The concentration of flight paths has resulted in increased noise levels and annoyed some residents.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has urged the FAA to undo the flight path changes and City Manager Ed Zuercher said he has lost faith in the FAA.