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Some Arizona Super Bowl content didn’t sit well with TV viewers

PHOENIX — Super Bowl XLIX was exciting for many in the Valley, but for some around the country, the event was obscene and offensive, as records from the Federal Communications Commission show.

Katy Perry’s and Lenny Kravitz’s halftime performance was called “sexual harassment” and “undiagnosed insanity” in one letter, while Perry’s lyric about kissing another girl had another viewer calling for a massive fine to NBC.

Missy Elliot received the majority of complaints relating to the Super Bowl halftime show, with more than one complaint about the song “Get Ur Freak On.” One viewer wrote out all the lyrics to the song, including those that were never involved in the broadcasted version, to show that they considered the lyrics “clearly indecent, inappropriate and offensive.”

But it was the advertisements shown during the big game that drew most of the ire.

Carl’s Jr. took the lion share with its “all natural” ad featuring model Charlotte McKinney nearly nude while discussing her favorite hamburger. A New Jersey viewer likened the ad to “soft porn.”

Nationwide’s spot about a child who died was just behind Carl’s Jr. A Pennsylvania woman, who claimed to have lost a child, said the ad “triggered a long night of nightmares and terrors.”

Other ads the received complaints included Hobby Lobby, Victoria’s Secret and Dodge.