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Student: Maricopa Community Colleges are racist, sexist

PHOENIX — Arizona’s largest community college system could be hit with a big lawsuit after several students alleged widespread mistreatment of minorities and women.

At a press conference Wednesday, dozens of female students, many of whom attend the Maricopa Skill Center’s cosmetology program, claimed several administrators and instructors bullied black female students because of their race and sex.

One tearful student said she was sexually harassed and racially profiled by an instructor at the school.

“Because I am a female (they) want to keep me in a box, I go to school every day and (they) want to kick me out because my clothes fit a certain way, (they) want to tell me about how I’m a little black girl,” student Jasmine Loger said.

Loger along with several dozen students said they are preparing to file a notice of claim nearing $100 million against the district, however they are hoping to settle outside of court and are calling for the district leaders to fire top administrators.

“After being dragged around for so long, (there) just needs to be some justice and that’s it,” Loger said.

The Maricopa Community College District will not comment on the allegations but states it will cooperate fully with any investigations.