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Slackers no more: Gen X spends most per day during luxury trips

PHOENIX — A study of travel habits by generation revealed that Gen Xers, having let go of underachievers’ angst, spend the most per day during luxury trips.

That age group, defined as 33-49 by luxury-travel site Virtuoso, fork over an average of $627 a day during fancy vacations.

For all the jokes about millennials barely treading water because of student debt and still living with their parents, they are willing to spend more per day on those kinds of trips than baby boomers, the study showed.

The oldest group, matures, spent the least but also were also the most loyal to cruises and were likeliest to be repeat customers.

Millennials (age 22-32) Gen-X (33-49) Baby boomers (50-68) Matures (69-89)
Avg. daily travel spending: $527 $627 $522 $471
Booking online: 90 pct. 82 pct. 84 pct. N/A
Research online: 87 pct. 71 pct. 72 pct. N/A