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Keep kids safe: Check back seat before leaving car

PHOENIX — Arizona is fourth in the nation in deaths caused by heat stroke to a child left in a vehicle.

Although Arizona’s temperatures aren’t quite scorching yet, they still can be deadly.

Triple-A reminds drivers to look before you lock — always check the front and back seats before getting out of the car.

“Children and pets are susceptible to heat stroke because their bodies can heat up five times faster than adults,” said Michelle Donati, a spokeswoman for AAA Arizona.

“Even in a mild 72-degree day, temperatures inside a car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes,” she said.

Last year in Arizona between April and September, the auto club got more than 800 priority lockout calls. The majority of those calls involved kids and pets left inside vehicles.

“If you see a child or pet in a car you need to call 911,” Donati said. “It’s only a matter of minutes before the consequences can be deadly.”

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