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Grand Canyon National Park makes list of ’10 Best National Parks to Visit in 2015′

Grand Canyon National Park finds itself in the top 10 of Fodor’s Travel’s “10 Best National Parks to Visit in 2015”.

The larger than life canyon is known the world over for not only its immense size and incomparable creation, but also for its jaw-dropping beauty, leaving first-time visitors to Grand Canyon National Park in a state of true awe and wonderment.

Of the Grand Canyon, Fodor’s Travel had this to say about one of the world’s most spectacular natural beauties:

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon, some 5,200-feet deep, runs the mighty Colorado River, churning for 277 jaw-droppingly scenic miles and serving up what’s arguably the most classic whitewater rafting in the world. While many of the park’s five million annual visitors admire the river from above, few experience it up close. That’s because it’s a significant effort to hike or paddle to the bottom of the Grand Canyon—part of what makes standing at the bottom such a surreal experience. But all that may change due to a project called The Grand Canyon Escalade. At the time of writing, the Navajo Nation was about to weigh in on the plan, which would build a two million square foot construction project, including a tram to the canyon base, on the canyon’s east border. Whatever the outcome, the directive for nature lovers and environmentalists is clear: Get thee to the Grand Canyon—this mythical place, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, may be about to change.

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