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New alarm clock app gives no mercy to sleepyheads

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For those wishing for an annoying, never-ending alarm to make sure you never go back to sleep, you’re in luck. Michael Smagon has the solution for you, reported.

I’m Up, Smagon’s newest invention, is a new alarm system designed for people who simply cannot get up in the morning.

“I’m Up alarm was invented to help people who are not one of those early birds to start the day,” Smagon said in an interview with

The app is designed to sound an alarm at a designated time, but will only shut off if the user scans a specific QR code. The codes can be printed on anything from a fridge magnet to a coffee mug.

The app is being funded through the crowd-funding website and has raised $621 out of its $2,400 goal at the time of publication.

Smagon said the app will help rid all excuses for those looking to get a couple more minutes of sleep in the morning.

“In the evening, you set your alarm for 6 a.m. and you have the best intention to wake up at this time, but in the morning everything looks different,” Smagon said. “Every excuse you come up with just to stay those five extra minutes in bed wins. We all know that those five-minute snoozes quickly add up and all of a sudden we are late again.”

The app will be available for iOS and Android devices once the goal is reached.

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