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Some guy fake proposes to girlfriend, receives internet backlash

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Deanna Calabria is 26, eight months pregnant and not a fiancee.

But she’s in a serious relationship, depending on how you define “serious.”

Her boyfriend, an evidently not-so-serious guy named Brandon, recently left a ring box in her drawer.

It was empty. Or, it at least didn’t have a ring — only a note reading “LOL, JK.”

As it tends to do, the Internet freaked out over the ordeal. Jokester Brandon is a drummer in a band called Space Drugs and has a fairly sizable following on Twitter.

After he announced the prank on Twitter, to summarize, he was called the “meanest man on earth.”

But Brandon maintains that Deanna was actually amused by the joke and jumped to no such conclusions.

Brandon, a father-to-be, tweeted “This is the only person who needed to enjoy the #joke and she did,” with a picture of he and her.

And the next day, he elaborated, “Nothing like 5,000 people telling you you’re fat and gross but your gf [girlfriend] is hot, thank you @reddit.”

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