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NC police say man standing in doorway naked isn’t breaking the law

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Residents in a Charlotte, North Carolina, neighborhood say a man regularly stands in his own doorway naked, but police have no plans to bring any charges against him.

WBTV reports that neighbors claim the man has been frequently standing in the entrance to his home nude for roughly 10 years, and the situation was again brought to the police’s attention last Friday.

Neighbors say the man often opens his door in the buff and even talks on his cellphone in clear view of other residents.

“Because my daughter grew up in this neighborhood. Even this week, when she was home from spring break, she would call me at work and say, ‘Mom, I’m getting ready to go outside, but let me check if he’s out there first.’ That’s how bad it is in the neighborhood,” another neighbor Adrienna Harris said.

Harris says she’s called police numerous times over the last ten years to complain, but nothing has been done.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department spokeswoman confirmed that officers were called to the home last Friday — the fourth such call just since the beginning of 2015 — but that the incident did not warrant any charges, since the man was on his own property.

“Unless he is outside of his home, he cannot be charged,” the spokeswoman told WBTV, echoing North Carolina law.

She did note that officials are searching for “additional options” to help resolve the issue.

City leaders said neighbors have the option of filing a complaint with the homeowners association that prohibits activities that cause a nuisance on a given property.

WBTV approached the man for a response, but he fled from the camera, covering his face.

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