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Company uses robots that write letters for customers in their own handwriting

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You may never need a pen and a paper again, thanks to a New York-based startup company.

NBC News reports the startup, Bond, has created robots that learn users’ handwriting. The robots can take a person’s digital notes and convert them to handwritten letters on stationery.

Bond first has customers send in a writing sample, and then calligraphers at the company help digitize the handwriting. After that, Bond’s robots can convert typed notes into physical letters written on stationery of the customer’s choosing.

Bond stuffs the envelope and sends the “handwritten” note to the recipient — who may be a customer of a company that wants to send personalized notes in every order, or the guest of a bride and groom who used Bond to send their thank-you cards.

Bond CEO and founder Sonny Caberwal told NBC News that the tech accomplishment of handwriting robots isn’t really the point of the company, but that the startup is more about “digital things coming together in the physical world. Caberwal said he’d also like to see people get back to using more tangible, rather than digital, items — hence, the handwritten letters.

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