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Nancy Grace: Holdout juror in Jodi Arias retrial should have been removed

LISTEN: Nancy Grace - Jodi Arias Retrial Reaction

After a second jury failed to sentence Jodi Arias on Thursday, members of the panel revealed the vote was 11-1 in favor of the death penalty.

They alleged the sole vote against the death penalty made up her mind before entering the deliberation room and did not contribute much to the conversation. If that was the case, HLN host Nancy Grace told KTAR News’ Mac & Gaydos the juror should have been removed from the case by Judge Sherry Stephens.

“When you get jury mutiny, and you get a juror saying, ‘If I have to deliberate any more, I’m leaving,’ you know what? They need to be taken off the jury and an alternate brought in,” she said.

Other jurors alleged the holdout had watched a Lifetime movie about the trial and disclosed the information during deliberation.

“The fact that she watched this movie and then comes and sits on the jury, that’s not right,” Grace said.

Grace said she agrees with the 11 jurors who voted for death, but the court system can be frustrating.

“It’s amazing to me, that one woman — who seemingly had her mind made up going into it that she was not going to give the death penalty to start with — that one woman could stop justice,” she said.

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