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Secrets let loose in workplace could pose threat to careers

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A new workplace survey revealed a scary truth for gossipers — your secrets aren’t safe.

Eleven percent of those surveyed said they had at one time come across or overheard information at the office which could get someone fired while 10 percent say they’ve seen information that could get their employer in trouble.

About half (53%) of support staff workers have overheard confidential conversations at work. Of those folks:

• 62% have heard conversations with people complaining about the boss or other workers

• 35% have heard conversations about layoffs or firing someone

• 22%, conversations about someone’s compensation

• 20%, conversations about romantic relationships between co-workers

• 18%, lying to the boss

• 11%, setting up a co-worker to fail

This kind of sensitive information, experts say, should not be left around and could pose trouble down the road for the employees who either consciously or unknowingly reveal as much.

Among the unusual items the support staff have found: A list of employee salaries; a photo of a partially dressed co-worker; layoff and compensation paperwork; an upcoming reorganization diagram; a letter from the boss’s mistress; the boss’s ex-wife’s bank account statement; an employee’s tax return; stolen event tickets; a diamond ring; an old love letter from one person in the office to another; information about a breast augmentation; a pregnancy test; and an employee’s response to a personal dating ad.

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