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Mueller’s final voicemail: ‘Please help me, I’m so sick I’m dying’

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Prescott native Kayla Mueller, who was confirmed dead earlier this week after being kidnapped and held hostage by ISIS militants, left a voicemail pleading for help soon after her abduction, friends revealed Thursday.

“Please help me,” she said, according to a Daily Mail report. “I’m so sick, I’m dying.”

A friend, Oruba Barakat, who met Mueller in Turkey before the victim’s departure for Syria was the one to receive the message.

Barakat said Mueller’s various contacts initially made desperate pleas for ISIS to release her. The comrade places the voicemail two to three months after Mueller’s August 2013 capture. It was 10-15 seconds long.

“She begged for help,” she added.

“I called the American Embassy, I called many people inside Syria asking for help asking if they could convince ISIS to free her because she is a very good girl and did good things for Syrians. But ISIS doesn’t care about Syrians.”

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