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James Robertson, ‘Detroit’s walking man,’ to get a new car

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James Robertson, a Detroit, Mich. man, has taken over headlines nationwide after he was featured in a Detroit Free Press article earlier this week.

Robertson, a 56-year-old factory worker, has walked his route to and from work everyday for the past decade – all 21 miles of it.

One person who was exceptionally touched by Robertson’s story was Evan Leedy, a 19-year-old Wayne State University student. Leedy began a GoFundMe account to get Robertson a car, which raised over $300,000 in five days.

A local Ford dealership will give Robertson a new set of wheels — a 2015 Ford Taurus, which will be quite an upgrade from his 1988 Honda Accord, the Detroit Free Press reported Friday.

Since the spotlight on Robertson’s story, transportation and city officials in Detroit have been working hard to improve public transportation across the city.

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