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Employee sent packing thanks to Facebook

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It’s always best to be careful what you say and do on social media, especially when it comes to your work. We live in an age of technology where personal information is easily searchable online and most anyone can find it, including your employer.

One employee learned this lesson the hard way, but it seems that his firing may have prevented a more serious incident from occurring. USA Today reports that a Nordstrom in Portland recently fired sales associate Aaron Hodges after he “posted a controversial statement using his personal Facebook page advocating the killing of police officers.”

Hodges is black and posted about murdering a white police officer every time an unarmed black man is killed. His personal Facebook included a photo inside his store and a link to Nordstrom, according to USA Today.

“What our former employee chose to post from his personal account does not in any way reflect our views as a company,” said Tara Darrow, a Nordstrom corporate affairs spokeswoman. “We do not tolerate violence, violent conversation or threats of any kind.”

Since his firing, Hodges has since responded to angry tweets and online posts about the controversy.

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